Lightning Calendar

Lower prices for pre-orders until end of November 2017 - 20% DISCOUNT (see details below)

13-pages A3 wall calendar - 42 cm x 30 cm / 16.5'' x 11.8''

EUR 19,99 (EUR 22,99 EUR/ USD 23,99 (USD 27,99 EUR

EUR 19,99 (EUR 22,99 EUR/ USD 23,99 (USD 27,99 EUR

If you are unable to proceed the payment via paypal, contact me via E-mail: for further details how to order differently.

All prices are in European EUROs (EUR) and US Dollars (USD). Shipping & handling fee is included in the price.

Calendars will be in stock on November 15th, 2017, all orders after this date will be shipped within 5 working days after receiving your payment.

If you have any questions about ordering, interested for larger number of calendars or have any other questions, please send me E-mail to and I will respond as soon as possible.

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